3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are a homeowner, you are well aware that your property’s value fluctuates based upon the market as a whole and a variety of other structural factors. For example, an all brick home that was built in 1980 and purchased for $147,000 may be worth more or less today depending upon how it was maintained as well as the area that it is located in. There are a few easy things that you can do now to help increase your home’s value over time – old or new!

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Curb appeal is important when talking about a home’s value. Using the example that we discussed earlier – an all brick 1980 rancher with a full basement more than likely has a good amount of frontage that should be taken care of and spruced up. Try adding hearty plants that will endure all four seasons, but don’t overlook the colorful annuals either! In fact, the more plants that you have, the less water erosion you may notice closer to your home itself. The plants’ roots do a great job of deterring the water and soaking it up for their own nutrients. Win-win!

Also, keep in mind that is is important to maintain a proper slope away from your home when you have a basement. A flat surface around a home may let water seep into the top block, and find a cell to travel to if the basement walls were not poured originally.

Give The Master Bathroom A Master Makeover

Believe it or not, buyers place a lot of importance on how a master bathroom is designed and decorated. For example, tile is in and the old shower inserts are out. You can do simple things that make a huge difference in your master bathroom. Moreover, try adding updated faucets and shower accessories such as a tiled bench. Don’t forget to add adequate lighting and a nice counter space as well.

Already have a great master bathroom set up? Consider your paint color. Is it bright and crisp? Many older master bathrooms are small in size. Dark colors make a room seem smaller than they really are. Instead of dark paint, try lighter colors such as a light grey, antique white, or a modern beige. These brighter colors will make your master bathroom feel larger and brighter.

Waterproof Your Basement

Basements are one of the main features of a house that many buyers search for. Basements are great for multiple things including storage space, entertainment, and even for extra bedrooms or office space. However, a basement that has not been properly waterproofed may offer more worry than enjoyment when water damage strikes.

If you have a basement that hasn’t been waterproofed, do you constantly worry when it rains heavily or for consecutive days at a time? Do you fear that your belongings in storage will be destroyed by water intrusion? Do you worry about your photos, wall decor, or furniture that is along the exterior walls of your basement?

Unfortunately, a wet basement decreases a home’s value over time. Also, a detailed home inspection may reveal that your basement has never been waterproofed. If you want to maintain and increase your home’s value over time, be sure and protect your basement from harmful water damage by having a professional waterproofing company come out to take care of the problem.

If you identify with the worry associated with not having your basement waterproofed by a professional waterproofing company, we can help! Are you unsure if your basement was waterproofed when you purchased it? We are happy to evaluate your basement as a whole, and you can trust us to only offer 100% true and helpful advice in moving forward. Give Stay Dry Waterproofing in Cleveland, TN a call today!


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