Basement Waterproofing


Having a basement adds value to a home. However, the value is only maintained if the basement is properly cared for. There are multiple factors that can affect the overall lifespan and health of your basement, but the most devastating factor is the damage caused by water intrusion.

DIY Waterproofing can be incredibly difficult and in most cases, ineffective. Stay Dry is family-owned and operated, and we pride ourselves in customer service. We will come to your home, assess your basement at no charge, and we will provide you with honest advice in moving forward to protect your home.


We also offer outside waterproofing on newly constructed homes and pre-existing homes. If you don’t know what type of waterproofing your home requires, we can help with that too! Our subsurface drains use a pipe installed underground to redirect water away from your home. Don't confuse subsurface drains and French Drains. Subsurface drains are oftentimes located underground in more visible parts of your property such as your yard, while French Drains are most oftentimes located near the footing of the home itself.

Retaining walls should always have a French Drain installed or weeping holes to alleviate the immense pressure build up of water on the other side of your basement wall. Our Inside French Drain System is a trench filled with small rocks that allows water to dissipate through the ground. We even use a finished panel in the walls to make sure no floor space is lost, and place downspouts a minimum of 10 feet away from your home.

Water intrusion is nothing to brush off, and should be taken seriously. Give us a call today to move forward in restoring and protecting your home.

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