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Purchasing a home is one of the largest, most important decisions a person will make in their life. The marriage of nervousness and excitement build as a closing date is set, and the exuberant joy bursts forth when the keys are exchanged. Whether the new home is a new construction or an older home, the ecstatic, proud new homeowners can’t wait to show it off and begin making it their very own.

There is no doubt that at closing, everyone involved in the purchase is ready for the process to be completed. Weeks and even months can pass by during the closing process when banks, title companies, insurance companies, and humans themselves are involved. While most people want to expedite the process as quickly as possible, there are some important factors to consider when evaluating a new home.


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Yes, the paint colors and square footage are totally important. We wouldn’t argue otherwise. However, aside from the kitchen countertops and the bathroom tile pattern, the structure and security of the home should be placed on first priority. We all know that the home is held up by the foundation. During a closing process, there should have been a licensed home inspector come to carefully evaluate the home in its entirety. Aside from ensuring that the foundation is in good condition, the inspector should have inspected the crawlspace or basement as well as the drainage systems that carry water away from the home itself. The importance of efficient water drainage systems such as French drains is often overlooked and under appreciated. A basement or crawlspace should be carefully inspected to ensure that there is not standing water, water damage to the wood framing, pipes, HVAC systems, and every other essential house feature that oftentimes go unseen.


Devastating Damage


Damage to a home’s structure, the most important part of a home, can be devastating. Unfortunately most homeowners are unaware of the water damage in their crawlspace or basement because of the disguised signs and simply their lack of knowledge of the situation. In many cases, a homeowner notices their need for waterproofing after the damage is done.

Significant damage to a home because of water damage drastically decreases the value of the home. An inspector in the future as well as the bank appraisers will frown upon wood rot and damage to the underside of the home if there was ever a plan to resale. It is wise for anyone purchasing a home to trust the professionals in home waterproofing to ensure their home, their investment, is safe and secure for the long run.

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