As a homeowner, you should place great importance on educating yourself on the proper, most efficient ways to protect and preserve your home. A home is only as secure and as strong as its foundation. Careful evaluation should be conducted on your home's foundation frequently by yourself as well as professionals. You may begin to notice cracks and shifting on your interior walls as well as more severe cracks along the outside of your home. These are sure signs that your foundation could be in desperate need of attention.

Exterior cracks don't always mean that the foundation is in disrepair. If you take a closer look, you will notice the cracks may run horizontally or vertically. Typically, horizontal cracks are the ones that you should have checked out by a professional and that could mean that there is a more significant problem below the home. However, vertical cracks may lead to further cracking in the future as the home settles and shifts over time.

Another important part of a foundation that needs to be evaluated and monitored is the support system including jacks and piers. The piers are for stabilization of the foundation itself and if there is excess moisture around the foundation itself, there can be shifting in the pier stabilizers themselves. Oftentimes we notice that there were never enough piers installed below the home to properly support the foundation. At Stay Dry Waterproofing, we are equipped to install the proper amount of piers for the most efficient stabilization of the foundation and the house itself.

Below are some common foundation issues and concerns that we hear from local homeowners.

Common Home Foundation Issues

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