Not All Waterproofers Are Created Equal

If you’re a homeowner in America, more than likely you spend time on the general up-keep of your home. After all, your home is your investment. You may even be in the process of updating or remodeling parts of your home such as your kitchen or bathrooms. However, when you are picking out new shingles for your roof or tile for your master bathroom, you understand that cheaper and quicker is not always better. Also, the DIY route doesn’t always guarantee the best outcome.


Instead, you search out quality products and services from industry professionals in your local area. Let’s use an example. While a national roofing company based out of Dallas may bid a lower price for your roof, there is never an opportunity for you to sit down face to face with your account executive before signing a contract. If you’re like many people, this may leave a bad taste in your mouth and a bad feeling in your gut.


Instead, you may decide to go with a local , established, and reputable roofing company with a phone number that leads to an actual person in your area. You may feel more comfortable hearing directly from the project manager overseeing your account. If you have questions, you feel more assured that they will be answered in a timely manner. This all makes sense.


However, when dealing with local businesses, it’s essential to check their accreditation and reputation before signing an agreement. For example, a local handyman who claims that he can take care of whatever home service/need you have may not in fact be qualified at all. While he may have nailed a few shingles down in his past, he is certainly not a qualified roofing professional. The last thing that you want to do is waste your time and money on less than quality work on your investment.


The same thing goes for home waterproofing.


There are hundreds of people who claim to be professionals in this industry who take advantage of homeowners just like you. Their price is right, and most of the time they can get to you more quickly than established, successful businesses can. Unfortunately, many of these handymen know just as much about home waterproofing as you do, and they often misjudge the extent of a project. This leads to bad work and longer hours which means you pay more for a job [not] well done. At least, not done right.


This is why it’s so important to hire the right home waterproofing company¬†first.


While there are countless under-qualified handymen who claim to know the waterproofing business but who cannot explain the difference between a french drain and a sub-surface drainage system, there are also large companies who make a living on over-pricing and misleading homeowners just like you.


Many of these national companies may send out a real person to inspect your crawl space or basement only to report their services are needed on a larger scale than necessary. This is unfair and frankly, dishonest. They may seem honest and trustworthy at first simply because of their size and years of being in business. However, don’t be fooled too easily.


If you are in search of a local, established home waterproofing company with a great reputation and who you can trust, we would love to chat with you. There will be no shiny promises that we can’t keep. We won’t over-price or recommend a service that you don’t actually need. We will be fair and honest with you. From the get-go. You have our word.


So, give us a call this week or check out our website here. We look forward to speaking with you and your family in the future and getting to the bottom of your water intrusion problem, for good.



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