The Cost Of NOT Waterproofing Your Basement

Out of Sight- Out Of Mind

When looking at a home, what sticks out first? The stone fireplace? The granite counter tops in the kitchen? The superficial aspects of a home are what we like to show off when we have family or friends over.  However, the most important part of the structure is out of sight.  A crawlspace, basement, and foundation are the backbone of a home.  The new or remodeled living room or bathroom all stand because of the support below. The structural integrity and design of a home are what last through the years and are what give the home market value.  Most homeowners fail to monitor and maintain their crawlspace, foundation, and basements because they are unaware of the necessity. When considering the weather patterns of East Tennessee, homeowners should proactively look into ways to defend their home in the eminent months by waterproofing.

Moisture Threatens Structural Integrity ​

Spring and summer months threaten homeowners with immense amounts of rainfall.  Unfortunately, many homes lack a proper drainage method such as a French drain, to deter the excess water from running into or under the home.  The trapped water under the home then threatens with dangerous mold, devastating rot, and permanent damage to structural integrity. The excess water and moisture then vaporize and begin to make their way into the home’s insulation causing more  harmful mold. Then, moist insulation affects the walls and homeowners may notice discoloration, bubbling of the wall itself, or even peeling paint- all a homeowner’s nightmare. ​Mold spores, insect infestations, and nasty smelling odors are all sure to invite themselves into homes that have never been waterproofed.  Health risks are sure to follow these as well, jeopardizing your family and friends who enter and reside in the home.

Increase Home Value By Waterproofing​

A homeowner is also an investor.  Careful thought is put into decisions small or large that affect an investment like a home.  Property value in a home is, for the most part, in the hands of the homeowner by the way the property is maintained.  In the current housing market, simply waterproofing a home automatically increases the value of the home by 20%!  On average, a flooded basement can cost anywhere from $10,000-$40,000 depending on the damage to the structure itself.  Waterproofing a home, on average, costs below $5,000. The decision here is a no brainer.

Be Prepared-Protect What Matters

Tennessee has faced multiple extreme weather events in the last decade. Tennessee homeowners are no longer exempt from the risk of flash flooding, tornadoes, snow and ice storms, and even Tropical Storms and Depressions of which we faced in 2017.  The first proactive step that a homeowner should take is to have their home waterproofed by a professional. Waterproofing your home will ensure that your basement, crawlspace, and interior and exterior walls will  be ready when the extreme weather events that are bound to take place again, strike.  Waterproofing a home not only protects your investment, but also your family.  The risks far outweigh the cost of taking this proactive step to better the future of your home and to protect its longevity.

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