4 Musts When Remodeling Your Basement

Thinking of remodeling your basement? Are you looking to create a fun space for entertaining guests or for lounging around on weekends with the family? The opportunities are endless! There are a few important tips to consider when tackling a full basement remodel.

Bring On The Light

Do you have a window in your basement? If so, great! The goal should be to layout your design plans so that the main area of entertaining is in the area with natural light. No window? That is alright. Just make sure to group seating areas around a good source of light. However, the area where you plan to have an entertainment center with TVs and other gaming systems should be in the darker area of the basement to avoid glare on the screen.

Space Is A Good Thing

Make sure that you leave space around your home’s electric systems including the hot water heater(s), the heating and air unit, washing and drying machines, and any other necessary machine typically housed in the basement. To avoid noise issues, it’s recommended that you box in or build walls around the machines with a safe distance between the machine and the drywall.

Check Your Staircase

Make sure that your staircase is safe. Also, make sure that the steps are wide enough and deep enough and that they are on the correct angle to provide safe access to friends and family. Especially with children or elderly friends or family members, it’s essential to make sure that the trek up and down your staircase is as safe as possible.

Consider Adding Half-Bath

Consider installing a half-bath in your basement. If you are entertaining and your guests need to use the restroom and you don’t have a bathroom downstairs, they will have to go upstairs away from the fun to relieve themselves. However, if one was installed downstairs, they wouldn’t miss as much of the fun, nor would they have to climb up and down your staircase just to use the bathroom. Accessibility is essential.

So many great memories are to be made and fun is to be had in your newly remodeled basement. Make sure to have a professional waterproofing company come out to ensure that your basement has been waterproofed BEFORE beginning any remodeling.

If your basement has never been waterproofed, you are bound to face damaging water intrusion in the near future. Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars worth of building materials, electronics, and furniture by not calling a home waterproofing specialist. Give Stay Dry Waterproofing a call today to learn which waterproofing options are right for you.

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