Is There A Snake In My Crawlspace?

4 Species of Venomous Snakes

Snake! When we hear that word, most of us experience a skin crawling, nail biting feeling run up our spine. Most of us stay as far away from snakes as possible- for good reason. After all, Tennessee is home to 4 species of venomous snakes including the Timber Rattlesnake, Copperheads, Water Moccasins, and the Pigmy Rattlesnake. Where do these snakes live? Where do they get their food? Most of us would assume that snakes prefer to live in the forests- and you would be correct. However, as subdivisions begin to take over the forests and woodlands, snakes have to search out other places to call home. One of those new homes could be your crawlspace.

Snakes In A Crawlspace?

First, let’s think about a crawlspace. It is cool, dark, damp, and filled with field rodents such as mice and moles. A crawlspace is not typically the family hangout spot either, so whatever is down there hardly ever gets bothered. Now, let’s look at a snake’s ideal environment.

Snakes search out cool, dark, and damp places to live. Just take a look at their natural habitat. Snakes can be found tucked up in behind river bed rocks or in the shade of a pile of brush. Snakes eat rats, mice, moles, smaller snakes, and so much more! On top of all of that, they highly frown upon being disturbed or startled. They are your typical loners, and most of us are quite ok with that. However, the majority of crawlspaces are not waterproofed and run this risk of having snakes move in below the home.

How To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Crawlspace

Is your crawlspace constantly wet? How long has it been since you evaluated the health of your crawlspace and foundation? Has your crawlspace never been waterproofed? Are you unsure? Don’t panic. Many homeowners are in the same position as you. When your crawlspace is dry and tidied up, snakes will be far less tempted to slither on in during the summer months. Also, your foundation and wood framing of your home will be better protected from damaging rot and termite infestations.┬áNow that you are aware of the importance of keeping a dry, clean crawlspace, here are some ways that you can work towards accomplishing just that.

Where do you go from here? Your first step should be to call a professional waterproofing company near you with a good reputation. Stay Dry Waterproofing in Cleveland, TN has been serving the residents of Bradley County and surrounding areas for years. We would love to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We will even make sure that your crawlspace is snake-free! Leave home waterproofing to the experts and rest assured that your family and your home will be protected from water damage now and in the future.

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